AIE 2017 Awards

Inaugural AIE Leadership Awards

AIE Awards 2017

The inaugural AIE Honors & Awards Program, announced in the Summer of 2016, recognized Outstanding International Educators during the 2017 AIE State Meeting. Kathryn Howard, who has served as Program Manager for the Department of International and Intercultural Education in the Maricopa Community Colleges District since 2006, won the first ever Exemplary Global Leadership and Service Award. Long-time supporter, Account Executive from Cultural Insurance Services International, and AIE Field Advocate for Global Health and Safety, Mark Hough, won the first ever Distinguished Contributions to Global Initiatives in Arizona Award.

These will now be annual awards to honor other outstanding International Educators in the state of Arizona, so be thinking of who you would like to nominate next year! Nomination information will go out later this year.

MaryLee Carter

In honor of MaryLee Carter’s significant contributions to the field of International Education, including the leadership of AIE, the AIE Board surprised her with a special Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2017 State Meeting.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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