Great Webinar Discussing Intercultural Exchanges 3/25

As you are well aware, working with international cultures can be a challenge for anyone. For those in the education field, these interactions can be even more tough – there’s a grade or tuition payment or job at stake! The U.S. Department of Commerce is pleased to present a 1 hour webinar to help ease this challenge. Our speakers include Brandeis International Business School Professor Andy Molinsky, who presents a scientific approach to handling intercultural challenges, and Kari Heistad, founder and CEO of Culture Coach International, a firm which specializes in developing cultural competency and diversity management skills for businesses and employees. They will offer a fresh take on handling sticky cultural situations that come up in offices, hallways, and quads alike.

Date: March 25, 2014, 1 PM EDT
Cost: $35
This session will be recorded.

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About our speakers:

Andy Molinsky is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Brandeis University’s International Business School. He is also the author of the Harvard Business Review Press book Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process.  Andy regularly speaks and consults about cross-cultural adaptation, and his work has recently been featured in the Economist, the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, and on NPR. Follow Andy on twitter at @andymolinsky.

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